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Header image showing a large port facility showing shipping containers on top of rail cars.

Stop The Polluting Ports

Stop the Polluting Ports is a grassroots coalition of community organizations working to protect the environment around the Great Salt Lake. Working to protect our air, water, land, and people and provide safe habitat for millions of birds.

Image of Great Salt Lake wetlands in Weber County, Utah. Caption depicting location of proposed Weber County Inland Port.

Proposed Weber County Inland Port will harm over 8,000 acres of wetlands

How inland port development will harm over 50,000 acres of Great Salt Lake Basin wetlands

Living near an Inland Port location?

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Air Quality

The port will make our air quality worse, not better.

Mud that is dry and cracked, representing effects of climate change.

Climate Change

A dirty fossil fuel port will only make climate change worse.

Shoreline and Water in Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake

Destruction of wildlife habitat and harm to fragile ecosystem.

Large excavator digging in deep loose sandy soil.


Unstable conditions, and a terrible place to build.

Person with papers and file folder.

No Accountability

Conflicts of Interests over public funds, with no official plan.

Line of several semi-trailer trucks waiting to enter a port of entry.

Quality of Life

Traffic congestion, noise and light pollution.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Join us and help make change.

Take Action and Participate

To learn more, check out our Issues & Information page.

Join the coalition of concerned citizens, communities and organizations in asking Utah's elected leaders to stop the polluting port.

How You Can Help

Educate Yourself

Learn about the issue and get involved – people power works and the good news is that we are having an impact on this disastrous project. Read our fact sheet (PDF) and check out our Issues & Information page to learn more about what the proposed Utah Inland Port is. Also check out the Utah Inland Port Authority official website.


Show Up

The Port Authority Board meets quarterly and allows for general public comment, as well as comment on action items. See when the next meeting is on our Events page. By testifying before the Port Authority Board, community members are creating a public record of concern. You can also register your concerns through written comments.


​Sign Up

Help us grow our coalition by signing up for our mailing list and join one of our coalition organizing meetings. (Contact us for meeting details.)

Speak Up

Tell your elected officials and candidates for office what you think – local elected officials need to hear our concerns loud + clear that this issue is important. Reach out to your state legislators, county and city representatives and candidates for office.

Write a Letter to the Editor or Op-Ed – getting a letter or op-Ed published in your local newspaper can help raise community awareness and influence decision makers.  Also, if you use social media help spread the word there.

Don't know what to say? Read our fact sheet (PDF) and check out our Issues & Information page to learn more about what the proposed Utah Inland Port is.​

For more information or to get involved contact Deeda Seed, at the Center for Biological Diversity, at

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