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Thanks so much for your willingness to speak to the Salt Lake City Council on Tuesday, March 7 at 7 pm in opposition to creation of another warehouse district through adoption of the Northpoint Small Area Master Plan.

We are asking the City Council NOT to adopt this plan as written and NOT to adopt it until a full analysis of the impacts of more warehouse development on this area, Salt Lake City and neighboring communities has been conducted. Also, we ask the City Council work with the administration, Salt Lake County, the state and federal government to provide comprehensive planning and protection for the high-functioning wetlands in the area. As Great Salt Lake becomes more imperiled these wetlands become even more critical for the millions of migratory birds that come through this part of Utah.  Click here for more information.

Everyone who wishes to speak will have 2 minutes.


If you plan to attend in person, Tuesday, March 7, 7 pm

the meeting will be held in:

the Salt Lake City & County Building, 451 S. State Street, room 326.

If you plan to attend online the instructions are below:

Or access the meeting by visiting

  • Enter meeting number: 2490 619 2473

  • Event password: 0307

View instructions on how to register and what to expect during the meeting

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